The Monks of Gaden Shartse Monastery: Sacred Earth & Healing Arts of Tibet

April 14th, 2014 by studio

The Monks of Gaden Shartse Monastery: Sacred Earth & Healing Arts of Tibet





Buddhist Teaching: Ven Geshe Lharampa Jampa Phelgya has attained the highest Geshe Degree and is responsible for the lectures, empowerments, and Healing rituals.  He has completed his Studies at Gyuto Tantric University and has permission to teach within all three vehicles of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Geshe Phelgya left Dharmsala India and entered Gaden Shartse Monastic University at age 16.Presently, He is 45 years of age and is a highly regarded mentor at Gaden Shartse and has numerous students.

Tibetan Astrology available upon request:

Tibetan Astrology is based on ancient Tibetan scientific and mathematical principles and incorporates astronomical calculations and esoteric arts of divination and prophesy. A general overview of one’s life can be presented. More importantly specific question can be answered. However we must have choice (I.e, of these three locations, which would be considered best for my work) and the astrologer can reveal the most auspicious and inauspicious potentials.

Please provide your date of birth, and the day of the week, 3 potential questions with 3 choices about anything. (i.e, what is the best places for me to seek work, LA, SF, NY ?)

Relationships need information for both people.

25 minutes consultation. Suggested donation $75

Please bring the deposit of $75 to the studio with your typed information and questions by May 31st.

To make an appointment, please email

Time has been reserved for residents in and around Sebastopol who may be interested in private Pujas, blessing, purification, and healing ceremonies:

Puja is a Sanskrit word that means “offering.” The monks chant prayers and perform rituals specific to the type of prayer being offered.  Prayers are addressed to Buddha’s, bodhisattvas and deities. Their primary purpose is to overcome negativities that may be obstacles in obtaining release from suffering and to promote spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.

Prayers may be for a house blessing, wellness, for the souls of those who have left this world, (including animals), the clearing of karma, purification of local negative energy, world peace, individual or global healing, financial security, spiritual evolution, the development of wisdom, and the removal of obstacles.

The prayers are recited in the traditional overtone chanting, each monk singing a full chord of three notes. The prayers are often accompanied by symbolic hand gestures, cymbals, drums, horns and flutes.

Some typical pujas are for World Peace and Healing, Purification, House or Business Blessing, Tara and Guru Puja, Tea or Fire Puja.

Suggested donation House and Business Blessings: $350 (one hour duration)

Suggested donation for purification and healing appointments: $75 (25 minute appointments)

Please email if you are interested in making a reservation.



Gaden Shartse Monastery is committed to preserving the Tibetan culture and its traditions.  The mission of the Gaden Shartse Monastery Earth and Healing Arts of Tibet Tour is to help create a peace community as we work together toward World Peace.  We foster interfaith dialogue and understanding, as we share the Tibetan culture with the Western World, thereby helping Gaden Shartse Monastery raise funds to educate, feed, house, and care for the more than 1,600  Tibetan Monks in residence.

All proceeds benefit Gaden Shartse Cultural Foundation, a 50C3 non-profit organization helping the exiled Gaden Shartse Monastey in Southern India and preserving Tibetan Culture.