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November 16th, 2013 by studio

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Our video library begins!
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Our lecture series on the thanbhochi has begun.The first lecture with Nicholas Egan on Teachers & Transmissions was amazing! We have put this series online for those of you not able to make it to the Gallery nor watch the live-stream. Part 1 talks about the differences between art for purpose, and art for art’s sake.  Part 2 is explores the iconography of Shakyamuni Buddha and his two primary disciples. In Part 3, Nick discusses the Nyingma section of the thanbhochi; Part 4 is about the Kagyu section.

The next lecture will be on Wednesday, November 20th, 7-8 p.m. PST at the Gallery on Wisdom, Power and Compassion and will look at the triangle of Manjushri, Avalokiteshvara, and Vajrapani. (If you are local, please RSVP).View our videos on YouTube




See the legend for the thanbhochi here!



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Please make sure to watch the movie we made about preserving Tibetan art.  It includes excellent interviews with HH the Dalai Lama as he talks about Ven. Sangye Yeshe, Tashi’s teacher, as well as lots of video from India this past fall, as Tashi sourced paints, and visited his school.



Gifting a legacy – be a part of history

Art history is being made at the Tibetan Gallery & Studio in Sonoma, California.

Tibetan thangka master, Tashi Dhargyal has embarked upon a powerful cultural journey: the first Tibetan master to paint a multi-story thangka, or thanbhochi, outside Tibet.  More amazingly, the thangka is faithful to the centuries-old Menris Tradition, started by Menlha Dhondup who introduced the painting style in the 1500s.

The fifteen by twenty foot canvas was hand-prepared with cotton and natural animal skin glues. The painting will be completed with only the best hand-ground mineral pigments and 24k gold, and framed in delicate brocade from Varanasi.

Tashi’s vision for the thanbhochi (the Tibetan word for a large thangka) hails from his aim as a youth, to help the monasteries of Tibet.

The thangka features thirty-seven figures: Shakyamuni Buddha and his disciples in the middle, each of the four schools of Buddhism are represented in the four corners with their respective lineage gurus and disciples. The sides of the thangka feature the Seventeen Nalanda Masters, whose teachings are frequently referenced and venerated by HH the Dalai Lama.

The thanbhochi is a singular canvas that intertwines karma; people from around the world are expected to see this piece at it tours museums and cultural institutions, before it is ultimately donated to a monastery in Tibet.


If you are still looking for a truly unique holiday gift…
  • Perfect for individuals, groups, and sangha: At 15×20 feet, a limited number of one-foot square blocks are available for patronage. As the thanbhochi tours, it will be accompanied by a legend, not only identifying the central figures, but also the contributing patrons who enabled its completion. Each square foot is $10,000 and includes an art quality print, signed by the artist upon the thangka’s completion, as well as recognition on the accompanying plaque and the PreserveTibetanArt.org website.  Groups or individuals sponsoring two or more blocks are invited to have a private one-hour reception at the gallery for 10 with the artist, refreshments included.

All donations are tax deductible.