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December 7th, 2013 by studio

Gifting a legacy – be a part of history:  Art history is being made at the Tibetan Gallery & Studio in Sonoma, California.


Tibetan thangka master, Tashi Dhargyal has embarked upon a powerful cultural journey: the first Tibetan master to paint a multi-story thangka, or thanbhochi, outside Tibet.  More amazingly, the thangka is faithful to the centuries-old Menris Tradition, started by Menlha Dhondup who introduced the painting style in the 1500s.

The fifteen by twenty foot canvas was hand-prepared with cotton and natural animal skin glues. The painting will be completed with only the best hand-ground mineral pigments and

The Tibetan Gallery

November 21st, 2013 by studio

The Tibetan Gallery & Studio is a non-profit that is truly unique: From June 2013-April 2018 it was the home to a 15×20 foot ceremonial thangka (or thanbhochi) painted by Tibetan thangka master, Tashi Dhargyal. Tashi’s Studio has been featured internationally in the press and also ranked in ForbesLife Magazine’s A-List.  Click HERE to see the legend for the completed thanbhochi.  In 2017, Wisdom Publications released Coloring For Meditation with Tibetan Buddhist Art based on the thanbhochi, you can order it here.