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Art history is being made at the Tibetan Gallery & Studio in Sonoma, California.

Tibetan thangka master, Tashi Dhargyal, has embarked upon a powerful cultural journey: the first Tibetan master to paint a multi-story thangka, or thanbhochi, outside Tibet.  If you are interested in patronage, you can download more information here.

More amazingly, the thangka is faithful to the centuries-old Menris Tradition, started by Menlha Dhondup who introduced the painting style in the Kham region of Tibet in the 1500s. Tashi was trained by Ven. Sangye Yeshe, who was asked by HH the Dalai Lama to start the first thangka school in India to preserve Tibetan art. Tashi received the Dalai Lama’s blessing for this auspicious undertaking.  The 15×20 foot painting will take five years to complete.

This traditional art requires very special materials and tools. Only the best mineral pigments, sourced from India and Kashmir, are used. These colors are hand-ground by the students at the Institute of Tibetan Thangka Art in India; some colors take seven days to hand-grind.  Tashi’s brushes hail from one family in Japan, who have been hand-making them for over 300 years.  Sourced from one family in South Korea, only pure 24k gold is used as an offering and to decorate this traditional thangka. 

The  thanbhochi features thirty-seven figures: Shakyamuni Buddha and his disciples in the center, each of the four schools of Buddhism are represented in the four corners with their respective lineage gurus and disciples. The sides of the thangka feature the 17 Nalanda Masters, whose teachings are frequently referenced and venerated by the Dalai Lama.

The thanbhochi is a singular canvas that intertwines karma; people from around the world are expected to see this piece as it tours museums and cultural institutions, before it is ultimately donated to a monastery. Donations of any size are welcomed. Supporters of $5,000 or more are invited to the Studio with small groups for private receptions with the artist.

The Tibetan Gallery & Studio is a nonprofit. Donations are tax deductible and can also be made via PayPal.

Other ways to support:

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All funds will go towards the painting, supplies, visiting thangka masters, and travel costs associated with the tour.

In addition, we are also interested in:

  • Museums and institutions nationally and internationally that would like to host the painting upon its completion, before it is donated to a monastery in Eastern Tibet.  We anticipate the tour can begin in mid 2018.
  • Airline or shipping partners that may want to underwrite the costs associated with the thanbochi’s transport, and  Tashi’s travel to hosting institutions.
  • Grant writing; it is our aim to apply for art and cultural education-oriented funding.
  • Television and magazines. We would like to work with national and international outlets to produce a small TV special, and garner ongoing magazine attention for this unique project.
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